IBCE Online Sample Test - International Advanced Chiropractic Sciences Exam
Test Information:


  • Each question is multiple choice. Decide which answer is MOST correct and click on it to record your answer.
  • You must use the navigational links at the bottom of each page (First, Previous, Next, Last) in order to ensure that your answer is received and stored correctly.
  • Once you click on begin BEGIN, the time limit for this sample test will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The system will time you out and the test will close if there is no activity for 20 minutes. It is your responsibility to complete the test in the time allowed.

To most accurately reflect your mastery of the test content, we recommend that you replicate actual testing conditions. Specifically, we suggest that you work through the sample test as if it were an actual examination; arrange for uninterrupted time and do not use textbooks or study aids.

Because actual IBCE examinations are timed, we recommend that you allocate 90 minutes to complete this sample test, which comprises 44 questions.

At the end of this sample test, you will receive a score report with a total percentage correct, and a score analysis for each category in the subject. You can print the score report, since this breakdown may be useful in helping to focus further study.

It is IBCE’s policy not to provide answers to the individual questions contained in these sample tests. Examinees receive feedback by category performance only. The category sub-score (sufficient or insufficient) provides a better indication of knowledge in that category than does information on an individual question level.

Passing this sample test does not guarantee the same or similar outcome on the actual IBCE examination.

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